Monday, September 28, 2009

29-09-09 巴生《2009中华心,中秋情》新闻发布会 Press Conference of The Mid-Autumn Celebration in Klang


Anthony Meh attended the press conference of the Mid-Autumn Celebration organized by the Persatuan Hokkien Klang Youth, co-organized by Persatuan Hokkien Klang Wanita. This celebration will be held on 3rd October, 7pm in the hall and outdoor of the building of Persatuan Hokkien Klang. On that night, YB Teng Chang Khim will present to launch the program. Dua Space is being invited to perform in the finale show.
During the press conference, the chairman of their committee said that they had prepared a lot of entertainments to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with the public. Anthony also gave a short presentation about Dua Space and the dances that Dua Space is going to present on that night.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

《大马薪传》舞评 Review of "Anak Malaysia"


Our advisor, Prof. Ou Jian Ping came to watch our production "Anak Malaysia" and he wrote a review about this dance drama, published in the dance journal of Hong Kong Dance Alliance. (The review is in Chinese and we are working on the translation. Once it's done, we'll publish it here. Sorry for only chinese version available for the time being.)



任何一部舞剧的成功,都只能是强强联手的硕果。 在《大马薪传》的各种成功要素中,由马金泉撰写的剧本和担任的导演及编舞可为首要,因为对于许多华族成年观众而言,吸引他们花钱、花时间来看这台演出的原因,大多都是因为它的题材足够地捉人……






Wednesday, September 23, 2009



In conjuction with the coming mid-autumn festival, the CEO of Eu Yan Sang Organisation had selected 15 outstanding people from different industries to tell their stories of living their lifes to the fullest. Our founder, Anthony Meh was very honored to be selected as one of them. Others selected outstanding people include the CEO of KHinD Organisation Zheng Bing Ji, the CEO of Dragon-i Henry Yip, famous film director Tan Chui Mei, the founder of Hands Percussion Bernard Goh, etc.

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No matter frustration or joy, you yourself will experience it most profoundly


Came back to Malaysia in 1998, determined to develop dancing professionality and contribute what i'd learned to my nation. As time goes by, dream becomes reality. After exploring for 11 years, Dua Space Dance Theatre and I had faced all sorts of difficulties. When darkness strives, we learn how to overcome the problems; when the dawn arrives, we learn about thanksgiving and move forward with joy.
Success starts with your own decision. No matter frustration or joy, you yourself will experience it most profoundly. Even though you fall down with pain, you can stand up by yourself with smile because you like what you are doing.

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《少年》马金泉老师专访 An Interview of Anthony Meh

马老师在的专访在7月的《少年》刊登了。标题为《大马的舞动奇迹》。在这给大家点看。An interview of Anthony Meh was published in a youth magazine。 Here, we attach the article for you to read up.

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台湾之行——好吃篇 Taiwan Tour - All About The Food

Two weeks in Taiwan, besides performing and touring, we also had a lot of delicious meals!

Miniature ice bar!

Fried cuttle fish roll.

Very special fried preserved egg!

Super "OYISHI" eel rice!

It's chili!

White bamboo shoots!

KFC...Totally different from Malaysia!

Special dessert.

Juicy meat...

Rice cake with a lot of dried shrimps.

Steamed prawn!

(接下来,还有最后的《台湾之行——总结篇》,记载所有队友这一次总总的心情故事!敬请留意哦!Coming up next, is the "Finale of the Taiwan Tour", recording all the feelings of our troupe members. Please stay tuned!)

祝福我们亲爱的萍萍 A Blessing For Ping Ping


Ping Ping, our admin staff, had left her position on 18th Spetember. She will be working in Young Buddishist Association of Malaysia after this to make her wish of contributing to Buddisht come true. Since she found her dream, we wish her all the best sincerely. We appreciate everything she had done while working in Dua Space. Before she left, we had a farewell lunch with her. Hope that she will achieve her dream in the future.

Monday, September 21, 2009

台湾之行——《弦月之美》巡回演出 Taiwan "Crescent Beauty" Performance Tour —— 行程篇 All About The Schedule

01-09-09 出发


Everyone gathered at Shuang Fu then took off to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to fly off to Taipei with China Airlines at 2.20pm. The journey took about 4 hours and 20 minutes. We arrived at Tao Yuan Airport about 6.40pm. After reaching hotel, we had our dinner then rested in our own room.

02-09-09 国父纪念馆 排练


We gathered at the lobby on 11am then headed towards National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall to run our practice. A lot of people visited us during the practice, including representative from our honarary sponsor United Cathay Bank and a friend of sister Qiu Xiang.
After the practice, we went back to the hotel for dinner.

Today is Ester's birthday, so we celebrated for her with the cake from the buffet dinner. Haha...

03-09-09 士林官邸 + 记者招待会 + 饶河夜市


Our tour guide, Andy brought us to the C.K.S. Shilin Residence Park. On the way, he gave us a lot of information about the contribution of Chiang Kai-shek and Song Mei-ling for the development of Taiwan.


After lunch, we moved to the Dr. Sun at-sen Memorial Hall for the press conference of our performance. The dancers performed the dance "The Landscape of Malaysia" during the press conference.

Below is a fragment of the video during the press conference:

When the press conference finished, we took a walk at the Rao He Street Night Market to experience the night market culture of Taiwan.

04-09-09 莺歌陶瓷博物馆 + 立法院 + 国家剧院《行草 I》


There's no practice today but yet, we had a fully-packed schedule. First, we visited the Yingge Ceramics Museum. We could see the history of the development of ceramics industry in Taiwan and the process and techniques of making ceramics. The artistic display items there really fasinated us.


We headed back to Taipei to attend a meeting with the Vice President of The Legislative Yuan of Taiwan, Mr. Tseng Yung-chuan. Mr. Tseng welcomed us to Taiwan and he was very touched by our intention of raising fund for the recent Taiwan flood.


Afterwards, we visited National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. There was an interesting exhibition about the outer space going on and we all so looked at the exhibition hall collecting stories of Chiang Kai-shek as well.

参观完毕,大家就到餐厅去享用晚餐。晚上,大家到国家剧院去欣赏云门舞集的演出——《行草 I》。云门舞者们高水准的演出让人留下深刻的印像!

After the visit, we had our dinner then went to watch the performance of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre "Cursive-Part 1". Their performance was very impressive!

05 & 06-09-09 彩排 + 台北演出


It will be the show day on 6th September. So, what's going on for these two days were practice + rehearsal. There's a lot of people at the back stage since all the performing groups attended the rehearsal.
On 6th September, the show started at 7.30pm. The performance was presented by the members from Fu-li Rehabilitation Association for Teenaged Amputees, famous armless ballerina, Simona Atzori, deaf diabolo player Chen Ming-wei, visually-impaired piano player Chang Yen-cheng, wheel cahir female vocalist Ren Wen-chien, etc. We also performed 3 dance pieces during the show.
The performance gathered performers from different countries and everyone performed their best during the show despite of their disabilities. Therefore, a audience felt their spirit and rewarded them with great applause.

07-09-09 移师台南 + 高雄澄清湖


After the sucessful performance in Taipei, we moved to the next destination -- Tainan. We boarded the bus early in the morning and stopped for lunch in Jiayi. The journey continued after then and we visited Kaohsiung Chengching Lake in the middle of the journey.


After the trip, we continued travelling to Tainan and we reached hotel at about 7pm. Everyone took a good rest after the dinner to prepare for the show next day.

08-09-09 台南生活美学馆演出


The performance today was held in The National Tainan Living Art Centre. The content of the performance was about the same as the show in Taipei. Although the hall was smaller and the audience number was not that numerous compared with the Taipei show, the performers also gave their best and touched the audience. This performance was not as grand as in Taipei but it's full of warmth!

09-09-09 日月潭 + 埔里


After the performance, what's coming next was...... ENJOY!!!
Today is our troupe member, Gee Sing's birthday. So, we celebrated his birthday before taking off.


Our destination today was Sun Moon Lake. We surrounded the lake by boat and the scenery was very beautiful. We also walked around Yi Da Zao (the streets besides the lake) and shopped for souvenirs. Then we stayed overnight at Puli.

10-09-09 二林喜乐保育院交流会 + 三义木雕博物馆 + 林口侨委会晚宴


It's a very meaningful day today cause we visited the "home" of sister Qiu Xiang. Erhlin Happy Christian Home was the place where sister Qiu Xiang grown up and today, we had a sharing here. We performed "Sculpture" during the sharing to let the members experience the artistic way of dancing on wheel chair. Besides, the member of "Joyce + Agape" also presented a brick dance! Cool! Members from their dumpling producing group also presented a dance of sign language. After the sharing, we visited the Memorial Hall of Joyce McMillan. Here, they displayed the photos and stories of this American lady, the founder of Erhlin Happy Christian Home, giving all her love to take care of the children who needed her help in Taiwan.


After this, we went to Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum. The tour guide explained the development of wood sculpture in Taiwan and talked about the appreciation of artistic pieces. There's a lot of high standard sculptures but we were not allowed to take picture in the museum. So, we can only take picture with the great elephant sculpture outside the museum as memory.


The next station was the hotel in Linkou. We'll be staying overnight here and there was a dinner with Taiwan Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission in the hotel. The members of the commission were very touched by our performance and thus, they specially arrange this dinner to meet up with us.

11-09-09 宜兰传统艺术中心 + 冬山清水公园 + 温泉饭店


Today, we moved on to the next stop, Yilan. The first place we visited was the Centre of Traditioanal Arts. Here, we could see a variety of traditional arts like puppet play, opera, glass arts, clogs making, charcoal sculpture, etc. There's too many of them and we couldn't finish all of them in a short period of time. So, it would be the "must-visit" venue for our next visit.


The following spot was the Qing Shui Park of Dong Shan. There's a straight water course in the park and visitors can row boat in it. We took a walk in the park and rested under the shady tree when tired.


Then, we moved on to the hotel that we stayed over tonight. There's hotspring in the hotel. So, everyone went for it at night. There's also fish spa provided. The itchy feeling was so untolerable ! Haha...

12-09-09 野柳地质公园 + 淡水 + 圆山饭店


We deserted the highway and took the road along the bay. So we could see the ocean all along the way. Nice scenery!


In the afternoon, we visited Yehliu Geopark. Here, we could see stones on the bay corroded by waves and wind for thousands of years, resulting unique and amazing forms.

Then, we went to Tamsui to look at the sunset.


After dinner, we checked in into the last hotel that we're going to stay for this trip. You'll never believe it... We're staying in The Grand Hotel of Taipei!

13-09-09 忠烈祠 + 故宫博物馆 + 国家剧院《行草II》 + 101 & 诚品书店 + 台湾伊甸交流晚餐


The first stop was the Taipei Martyr's Shrine. This shrine enshrined worriors that sacrificed during war time. Nowadays, it also enshrined people that contributed a lot to the society and country.


The next destination was the Natioanl Palace Museum. There's a vast number of ancient palace collection of China.
After lunch, we went to watch the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre performance "Cursive - Part 2". Following this, we went to 101 Tower and Estlite Bookstore.
During dinner time, we had a gathering with the members of Garden of Eden Social Welfare Foundation and had a wonderful time with them.


After returning to the hotel, we had to start packing and get ourselves ready for the early flight next morning to return to Malaysia.

14-09-09 回程


We took off from the hotel at 5.30am! It was so early and everyone boarded the bus with sleepy eyes. After saying goodbye to our dear tour guide, we flied back to Malaysia on the 8.20am flight.
During this journey, we'd been living together for 2 weeks. We experienced ups and downs together with laughters and tears. I believed that every member of the troupe had their own feeling about this trip. 14 days of fully-packed schedule, we wore out our body physically but it enriched our mental and heart!
At last... We had to say...