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招聘 Jobs Hiring

共享空间专业舞团于2015 年迈入创团第17 周年。在崭新的一 年,舞团将扩大全职专业男女舞者的培育及多位行政人员的聘请。有兴趣者请联络 012-327 8827 / 012-311 0981 或电邮至

   1.  年龄介于18岁至25岁 
   2.  需有舞蹈基础及跳舞经验 
   3.  有志往舞蹈事业发展 

    1.  需通晓华,国,英三种语言 
    2.  优先考虑拥有行政管理经验者 
    3.  工作认真、具有责任心

共享空间专业舞团由我国著名舞蹈家马金泉及叶忠文联合创办,经过16年的本土扎根,舞团成为国内一股推动舞蹈艺术的主流团队,舞团每年都受邀到国外演出, 其中包括中国北京、广州、哈尔滨、天津、韩国汉城、仁川、日本东京、京都、名古屋、香港、巴基斯坦、印尼、台湾、新加坡、英国伦敦及菲律宾等,把大马的表演艺术延伸至国际舞台。创办人马金泉为前台湾云门舞集专业舞者,随后远赴美国纽约发展舞蹈艺术,他被誉为马来西亚舞蹈界的夸父追日,2008年荣获马来西亚十大杰出青年奖及2011年荣获世界华人楷模奖。叶忠文曾是前香港城市当代舞团的专业舞者, 1998年旅美归国,曾经荣获多个国内的荣誉奖项。舞团作品融合传统与创新,丰富的创作成绩,成就了舞团的特殊风格、编舞创意及美学,在本土获得极大的称誉,也落实了“舞进土壤,让根生长”的本土深广层面。舞团曾荣获2009年ASTRO AEC《启动人生》新生代最佳创意品牌,2013年HWT21世纪至尊文化成就奖及2014年HWT21世纪至尊品牌奖。 


Dua Space Dance Theatre enters its 17th year in 2015 and we wish to recruit several full-time professional dancers and administration executives. If you are interested please contact 012-327 8827/ 012-311 0981 or email to

Recruit dancers conditions are as follows: 
    1.  Aged between 18 to 25 years old 
    2.  Need to have a basic dance background and experience 
    3.  Passionate to make dance as career 

Recruit administrative personnel's conditions are as follows: 
    1.  Fluent in Mandarin, Malay and English (both oral and written) 
    2.  Priority given to those who have administrative management experience 
    3.  Serious and responsible in work  

Dua Space Dance Theatre was co-founded by local renowned dancers, Mr. Anthony Meh and Aman Yap. After developing in Malaysia for 16 years, Dua Space has become the main force that promotes dance art in the nation. Dua Space was invited to perform abroad yearly, including Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Harbin, Seoul, South Korea, Incheon, Kyoto, Japan Tokyo, Nagoya, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, London, etc., bringing Malaysian performing arts to international scene. Founder Anthony Meh joined Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan as a professional dancer. He then furthered his career in New York, United States. In 2008, he was awarded The Outstanding Young Malaysian (TOYM) Award and honoured with the title of World Chinese Model 2011 by World Chinese Venture Model Association in 2011. Founder Aman Yap was a professional dancer in Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company. After returning from USA in 1998, he has won many awards. The company creations integrate traditional and contemporary elements, presenting a unique choreographic and aesthetic style which receives recognitions from the public. At the same time, fulfilling our motto ‘Let dance nourishes the root of growing arts’ to a more profound extend. Dua Space Dance Theatre was selected by Start ‘A’ Biz of Astro AEC as one of the New Generation of Best Brands Creation in 2009, HWT 21st Century Prestigious Brand-The Prestigious Cultural Achievement Award in 2013 and HWT 21st Century Prestigious Brand-The Prestigious Company Award in 2014.
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