Thursday, July 14, 2011

马金泉&叶忠文登“封” Anthony Meh & Aman Yap Covering 《Just Dance!》

这个六月,共享空间专业舞团创办人马金泉以及叶忠文受邀成为《J​ust Dance Magazine》杂志封面人物。杂志中还详尽的访问了两人一路走来的故事及打造自己舞蹈王国的酸甜苦辣。杂志以标题“Attain The Impossible”阔论他们以自己的信念做出一条近乎是不可能的路。
The founders of Dua Space Dance Theatre, Anthony Meh and Aman Yap, are on the cover! In the June-July issue of 《Just Dance!》 Magazine, it invited local modern dance duo who were said to "attain the impossible" by making their dance career in Malaysia. There is a detailed cover of their stories, joy and tears of running their company and their believes in local dance industry within the magazine.

Available in Popular, MPH, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya,, major newstands and selected dance studios. The magazine in available in Dua Space as well. You can come over to the place to buy a copy and may get a chance to meet Anthony and Aman in person and to get their autographs!

即将演出于Performing in《GERAK 2011》@ 23 July 2011

共享空间被国家文化及艺术局邀请参与《GERAK 2011》于7月23日,晚上8点30分,假Auditorium DBKL局限性的演出。此活动乃是2011吉隆坡艺术节的节目之一,主要是以呈献马来西亚多样化的舞蹈元素为主旨。活动将于7月20日开始至24日结束。每晚将有不同种类的舞蹈轮番上阵,表演给观众欣赏,包括传统舞蹈、嘻哈街舞、爵士舞、踢踏舞、现代舞、芭蕾舞等等!
Dua Space Dance Theatre is invited to perform in 《GERAK 2011》 on 23 July, 8.30 pm, in Auditorium DBKL. 《GERAK 2011》 is organized by the National Department of Cultures and Arts (Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara, JKKN) under the Kuala Lumpur Festival 2011 as a presentation of the collections of dance genres we have in Malaysia including traditional, hip-hop, jazz, tap, contemporary, ballet and more. The program starts from 20 July till 24 July with all sorts of dance performing every night to you.

Dua Space Dance Theatre is performing a contemporary dance named Our Exuberant City - The dance piece expresses the vibrancy of our capital and its uniqueness of multi-cultural characteristic.

Those who love dance please don't miss the show! It's a fiesta for dance lovers and it's FREE! See you there!

25-06-2011 吉隆坡节开幕式Launching of Kuala Lumpur Festival

Kuala Lumpur Festival is an annual grand event happening in Kuala Lumpur that celebrates the artistic achievement of artists, in various forms like dance, film, music, painting etc, in Malaysia, especially those in Kuala Lumpur.


This year, Dua Space Dance Theatre was invited to perform a dance piece that presents the energetic and flourished image of Kuala Lumpur during the launching of Kuala Lumpur Festival 2011 in Kg. Budaya of KL Tower. The Artistic Director of Dua Space Dance Theatre, Aman Yap choreographed a contemporary dance piece named "The Force of Exuberance" to express the vibrancy of our capital under the exuberant forces of the people living in Kuala Lumpur, creating a spring of energy that leads Malaysia to a better future.

05-06-2011 马金泉荣获2010年全球金品奖之年度文化人物 Anthony Meh Awarded The Cultural Character of The Year in 2010 Global Golden Brands Award



It was a day all the big hands behind internationally renowned brands of enterprises, cultural bodies and more gathered at the Palace of Golden Horses. The 2010 Global Golden Brands Awards were held at venue to acknowledge people who has contributed for developing the wonderful brands around the world. The founder and managing director of Dua Space Dance Theatre, Anthony Meh was awarded the honour of Cultural Character of the Year! Congratulation Teacher Anthony!

We were very glad that after all these years of hard works Anthony put into developing local performing arts and dance professionalism and finally he was acknowledged with such an honourable title!

与大家分享马老师的得奖感言Here we share with you the joy and words from Anthony Meh




I was not thinking of any reward along the 13-year hard-work but only to provide a platform for local arts which could purify and elevate the souls of human being. At this moment, when the award comes, I personally think that it is much higher honout for me despite of what have I done. However, I take it as an encouragement for me to contribute more for our lovely globe in the future.

Here, I hope to share with you my glory and joy because of your support and helpful hand along the path of gaining me this moment!

Thanks, from the heart!

09-06-2011 《春雷动地Rolling Thunder》巡演@槟州华人大会堂 Penang Chinese Assembly Hall


The epic musical "Rolling Thunder" performed in Pulau Pinang after its tour in KL and Ipoh. History was reviewed once again, touching the hearts of the audiences.
Here, linked 2 reports of the performance in Chinese news paper.

1.史詩歌舞劇檳城公演 《春雷動地》贏掌聲

05-06-2011 雪州卫塞节庆典 Hari Wesak 2011

由雪州政府主办的2011卫塞节庆典在Auditorium Dewan Jubli Perak, Shah Alam举行。以歌舞呈献,与大家共度一个充满法喜的晚上。舞团被邀参与当晚的演出,呈献古典舞《敦煌》及《我要飞》两支风格不一样的舞蹈。除此以外,参与演出的单位还包括了本地著名印度艺术舞蹈团Temple of Fine Arts (TOFA)、菩提工作坊、培杰等等的歌手及本地数个佛教音乐团体。

Organized by the state government of Selangor, the celebration of Hari Wesak 2011 was held in Auditoriun Dewan Jubli Perak, Shah Alam where dancing and singing accompanied the audience for a joyful evening. Dua Space presented Dun Huang, an aesthetic classical dance and I Want To Fly, inspiring piece featuring world wheelchair dance champion, Chung Hong Tsin. Besides, other performing groups included Temple of Fine Arts (TOFA), Bodhi Group and some other Buddhist choirs.