Friday, April 23, 2010

马老师获选成为舞蹈明星 Anthony Meh Selected as 'Dance Star'


The founder and Managing Director of Dua Space, Anthony Meh Kim Chuan was selected as 'Dance Star' in the book of 'Career Star' which will be published soon. The book have selected outstanding personnel from different industry to talk about their career. As in the arts industry, Anthony was selected to represent the dance field and local famous director, YuHang Ho represented the filming filed.

马老师与采访员合照A photo with the interviewer.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

《黑白变Black & White@VARIATION》庆功宴Dinner


After a successful performance, Dua Space hold a dinner to celebrate the ending of in Pak Hailam Kopitiam, Sg Wang. Crews and the performers attended the dinner and had a pleasure time dining and chatting together.

19-04-10 '慈悲之音Sound of Compassion' 马来西亚佛教海地赈灾Malaysian Buddhists 'Haiti' Relief Fund

It have been a while since the earthquake in Haiti and now, they are eagerly working to reconstruct the nation. 45 Buddhist societies collaborates to organize a series of charity events to raise fund for the victims. 'The Sound of Compassion' is a stage performance presented by Buddhist choirs in the HGH Hall in Sentul. Dua Space also performed for charity in the performance, hoping to raise fund for helping Haiti.

Friday, April 16, 2010

《黑白·变》演出成功 A Success of


The full length contemporary dance piece from Dua Space Dance Theatre had ended. Tickets for all 4 shows aere sold out and we had decided to add another matinee show and it was full-housed. Thanks for supporting and your presence during the performance. Every show, dancers led the audience through 5 chapters with their bodies and amazing dance techniques. Through this 5 different chapters, the audience could see only black and white colors but they will get and feel not only black and white. This is a performance that makes people think of what humanity corruption and environmental destruction will bring us in the future and are we suppose to continue this black life or revert to the original white? Once every show finished, the audience rewarded the performance with applause for minutes and this really touched and encouraged the performers and the crews.

《黑白苹果Black and White Apple》

《白里的黑蛇Black Snake in The White》

《隐形城市的黑白陌路Black and White Path in The Ethereal City》

《黑界白界不分的家庭A Family Where Black and White is Tangled Up》

《黑白倒带Reversion of Black and White》

To view more pictures about the performance, please visit the following link:

During the performance, an online channel '5G' came and interviewed the performance. They place the report on their website. Please visit to view the report:

02~04-04-10 马来西亚第一方程式文化汇演 Formula 1 Malaysia Cultural Festival


Dua Space was invited to perform in Formula 1 Malaysia Cultural Festival from 2nd to 4th April in Pavillion, presenting a few Chinese and contemporary dance. Pavillion is a famous shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur and as a tourist spot, there was a lot of people there. Many foreigners was impressed by the performance of the dancers.

排练后一拍A shot after rehearsal.