Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gardens CNY Dance Performance 2017: A Splash of Light《泼光洒舞》






Dua Space will be presenting our latest festive contemporary dance at Gardens Mall this January and February in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration, celebrating the arrival of the year of the Rooster.

This dance piece emphasizes on the movement of spring light that brings in liveliness and energy to the earth, thus time was a key element of it's choreography.

Both choreographers Anthony and Aman and the dancers are preparing for the debut of this piece, hoping to present a bright and lively spring dance to the audience at Gardens Mall.

Gardens CNY Dance Performance 2017: A Splash of Light《泼光洒舞》 - Trailer 1:

敬请期待《泼光洒舞》这星期五1pmGardens Mall的闪亮登场!

Stay tuned to Dua Space's CNY Dance Performance at Gardens Mall this 13th of January!




An article about the current challenges faced by local art scene from the interview of with Choreographer Anthony Meh was published on last Sunday 8 January 2017.