Monday, June 29, 2015

Full-Time Dancer Recruitment

共享空间专业2015 年迈入17 。在新的一舞团大全专业男女培育及聘有兴趣者请联络 018-207 2006 电邮

1. 年于18至25岁 

2. 有舞蹈基经验 

3. 有志往舞蹈

Dua Space Dance Theatre enters its 17th year in 2015 and we wish to recruit several full-time professional dancers. If you are interested please contact 018-207 2006 or email to 

Recruit dancers conditions are as follows: 
1. Aged between 18 to 25 years old 

2. Need to have a basic dance background and experience 

3. Passionate to make dance as a career.

Dance With Your Heart

 2015 Children and Youth Art Performance Project

19 July 2015 | 2pm, 5pm
KL Pac, Pentas 1 吉隆坡表演艺术中心

共享空间专业   策划 / 主催
共享空蹈学院   主 / 呈献

Promote dance and art education among local children and teenagers by providing them an opportunity to perform on stage and a nurturing environment for their artistic development.

Ticket is available for now.

Kindly contact: 
03-8070 0799 / 012-634 2074 (HQ Puchong Jaya) 
03-8062 7695 / 012-634 0799 (Puteri Branch) 
03-9019 0799 / 010-899 6777 Pink Ballet Studio (Cheras Branch)

A Project by Dua Space Dance Theatre
Organized and Presented by Dua Space Dance Academy

Monday, June 22, 2015

共享舞团舞动西班牙国际舞蹈工作坊《Dua Space Dance Theatre on World Dance Movement, Spain》

JUNE 26 - JULY 1, 2015

Dua Space Dance Theatre is the first local non-governmental full time professional contemporary dance company. ‘Dua Space’ brings the meaning of sharing and interaction. Holding strong onto the company's vision, which is- by nurturing your own artistic style of life, let your fame recognizes our devotion, Managing Director Anthony Meh and Artistic Director Aman Yap vowed to bring their dancers to an eye opener experience at the intenational stage where artists from all over the world gather to exchange ideas and talents..

Dua Space Dance Theatre is sending their dancers to participate in the World Dance Movement - The International Workshop to work and learn with the world-renowned international faculty and a panel of fabulous guest artists, such as Daniel Abreu, Benoit Swan Pouffer and Jennifer Blake, at Sitges, Barcelona, Spain from June 26 to July 1, 2015.

World Dance Movement - The International Workshop is an acclaimed international dance workshop under Tezoro Productions, an international dance production company committed to educating and serving dancers around the globe. It is a study-vacation event hosted across several countries that introduces dancers and educators from all continents to an international faculty of unparalleled talent. Dancers were given an opportunity where they receive one-on-one training and attention in a noncompetitive atmosphere. The curriculum challenges dancers from nearly 25 countries of all levels through a comprehensive study-vacation model.

Dua Space Dance Theatre wish to present their dancers to experience a diverse culture, to let them explore and challenge their very own limits and be inspire by other talents from a different nation. It is the most extraordinary opportunity whereby their dancers could witness and learn a whole new range of techniques and tools which they could infuse these into their choreography and integrated with our local dance scene. After 17 years of hard work and preparation, finally now, it is a mature moment to push local nurtured dancers to meet a higher level of challenge at the international art scene.



今年6月26日至7月1日,西班牙巴塞隆纳的 Tezoro Productions 旗下的国际舞蹈工作坊 (World Dance Movement - The International Workshop) 将重新启动,并号召了来自25个不同国家的舞者同聚一堂,一起在多位著名艺术舞蹈家的课室里接受技艺的训练与舞蹈文化的交流,迸发出汇集多国文化的创作异彩。届时,共享空间专业舞团的舞者不仅能在国际平台上大开眼界、尽收大师们的精湛舞艺,还能带着本国和舞团独有的舞蹈风格与世界的行家较量。 艺术和舞蹈是一种跨越语言和国籍的交流,也唯有踏出自设的框架、破茧出壳,在更多不同源流的艺术熏陶下,艺术家与舞者才能突破自身的极限,创造更多的可能性。


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