Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The KLIAF 2015 : 《The Tree》, Istana Budaya 吉隆坡国际艺术节 2015:《大树成林》,国家剧院

 "...an evening of exuberant energy released on the massive Istana Budaya stage, which needed to find a balanced fusion between technology and dance, an affirmation of belief and a realization of a dream that exuded from the stage, an expression of  a metaphor of the country in particular and that of the world in general..." 


Chin San Sooi 甄山水
Director of "Emily of Emerald Hill"《翡翠岭上的爱美丽》著名导演

The Tree 大树成林》1-4 October 2015, at Istana Budaya.

Dua Space Dance Theatre's annual production has just been staged on 1-4 October 2015, at Malaysia's National Theatre - Istana Budaya.

《The Tree》 has been an acclaimed success, receiving positive feedback and all round applause. Using the metaphor of a growing seed that blossoms into a vast forest as the main choreography theme, was a dance piece that depicts the rich culture and exotic beauty of our motherland. It's a silent song translate into traditional and modern motions that sings about the beliefs and dream of a nation.



序:大地与土壤 Opening: The Land

上章之(1) 种子的萌芽 Budding Hope

上章之(3) 多元丛绿  Symphony of the Rainforests

 Dancers from Dua Space Dance Theatre Academy featuring in
上章之(4) 花语 Flower Whispers.

Guest Performer Suhaili Micheline featuring in
上章之(6) 枯枝犹护 Abiding Withered.

ICool Percussions featuring in 下章之(1) 天荒地老 山水相连
Landscape of Mountains and Rivers.

 Dancers from Dua Space Dance Theatre featuring in
上章之(5) 醉绿 Rhythm of the Leaves.

 Dancers from Aurora Dance School featuring in
跋:沃土上的腾飞-大树成林 Closing: The Tree: Soaring on the Land

Sunday, December 6, 2015

《Black & White @ VARIATION》, November 2015 Performance Postpone Notice | 2015年11月《黑白变》延演通知

Black & White @ VARIATION》, November 2015 Performance Postpone Notice
日期与时间 Date and Time: 13 - 20 November, 2016 地点 Venue: KL Pac, Pentas 1  询问热线 Contact: +6018- 207 1005 
由于之前烟霾问题,舞团决定将11月在KL PAC 举行的《黑白变》

Due to the past haze issue at Malaysia that brought unforeseen circumstances, Dua Space Dance Theatre decided to postpone which was initially planned to stage at KLPAC this coming November towards year 2016.

Thank you for your support and stay tune to our latest updates.