Friday, January 29, 2010

共享空间2010年新春创作《年的故事》 Chinese New Year Production of Dua Space "The Story of Nian"


In ancient China, people were living in an affluence, carefree life. One day, when everyone were working in the fields, children were playing and each household were busy preparing the day, suddenly a ferocious monster appeared and attacked the villagers. Then, the villagers worked together to get rid of the monster. Everyone were happy cheering that it was the start of a new year, thus, they named the moster "Nian (which means "Year" in Chinese)" and the new year is "New Year". Since then, Chinese people celebrate the arrival of the new year as a traditional practice.



This time, the famous legendary story of "Nian" becomes the creative theme of our famous choreographer, Anthony Meh for our Chinese New Year production.

Dua Space brings you the new year production - "The Story of Nian", utilizing creative style of dance and body movements to present the story and to celebrate this festive season with everyone!


This work will be performed at the following locations:

31/1/2010 佛光山新山禅静中心 新春大团拜 把爱传出去慈善义演


Southern College, Skudai, Johor

2 pm

15 & 16/2/2010 东禅寺平安灯会暨花艺展

Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom

7.30 pm

18/02/2010 马口佛光山新春节目

Bahau Fo Guang San

6 - 10 pm

19 & 20/2/2010 东禅寺平安灯会暨花艺展

Dong Zen Temple

7.30 pm

28/2/2010 巴生福建会馆元宵节庆典晚会

Hokkien Association Klang

7.30 pm

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

共享空间聘请行政人员及全职专业舞者 Dua Space Recruiting Admin Staff and Full Time Dancer

If you are interested or for further information, please contact:
钟丰进 HongTsin Chung
Tel: 03-80700890

Monday, January 11, 2010

09-01-10 东南亚佛教青年交流计划“喜悦•联谊•领导”演唱晚会 ASEAN International Buddhist Youth Exchange “Joy, Fellowship, Leadership” Concert


“Joy, Fellowship, Leadership” Concert was the last part of the International Buddhist Youth Exchange Program which lasted for 10 days. It was held in Malaysian Tourist Centre and it was opened for public to enjoy the performance of the talented yang Buddhists. Dua Space was invited to present dance pieces during the concert and Anthony Meh also choreographed a new dance piece, namely “Flying Apsaras” which presents the beauty and elegance of the fairies in the famous wall painting of Dun Huang. Besides, Dua Space also presented another dance piece together with World Wheelchair Champion, Chung Hong Tsin, winning the applause from all the audience.


It was also the launching of the series of activities of the 40th anniversary of Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia and it was attended by local Buddhism activists and young Buddhists from ASEAN, Japan, and Korea etc.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

共享空间Dua Space Dance Theatre@Facebook

共享空间专业舞团已在Facebook上发布“共享空间Dua Space Dance Theatre”专页。
原本的“Duaspace Dancetheatre”个人账户将于1月31日后关闭,请留意!谢谢!

Dua Space has published the page "共享空间Dua Space Dance Theatre" in Facebook.
Please join to know more about the activities and news about us.
The personal account of "Duaspace Dancetheatre" will be terminated in 31st January. Please be noticed! Thank you!

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