Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The KLIAF 2015 : 《The Tree》, Istana Budaya 吉隆坡国际艺术节 2015:《大树成林》,国家剧院

 "...an evening of exuberant energy released on the massive Istana Budaya stage, which needed to find a balanced fusion between technology and dance, an affirmation of belief and a realization of a dream that exuded from the stage, an expression of  a metaphor of the country in particular and that of the world in general..." 


Chin San Sooi 甄山水
Director of "Emily of Emerald Hill"《翡翠岭上的爱美丽》著名导演

The Tree 大树成林》1-4 October 2015, at Istana Budaya.

Dua Space Dance Theatre's annual production has just been staged on 1-4 October 2015, at Malaysia's National Theatre - Istana Budaya.

《The Tree》 has been an acclaimed success, receiving positive feedback and all round applause. Using the metaphor of a growing seed that blossoms into a vast forest as the main choreography theme, was a dance piece that depicts the rich culture and exotic beauty of our motherland. It's a silent song translate into traditional and modern motions that sings about the beliefs and dream of a nation.



序:大地与土壤 Opening: The Land

上章之(1) 种子的萌芽 Budding Hope

上章之(3) 多元丛绿  Symphony of the Rainforests

 Dancers from Dua Space Dance Theatre Academy featuring in
上章之(4) 花语 Flower Whispers.

Guest Performer Suhaili Micheline featuring in
上章之(6) 枯枝犹护 Abiding Withered.

ICool Percussions featuring in 下章之(1) 天荒地老 山水相连
Landscape of Mountains and Rivers.

 Dancers from Dua Space Dance Theatre featuring in
上章之(5) 醉绿 Rhythm of the Leaves.

 Dancers from Aurora Dance School featuring in
跋:沃土上的腾飞-大树成林 Closing: The Tree: Soaring on the Land

Sunday, December 6, 2015

《Black & White @ VARIATION》, November 2015 Performance Postpone Notice | 2015年11月《黑白变》延演通知

Black & White @ VARIATION》, November 2015 Performance Postpone Notice
日期与时间 Date and Time: 13 - 20 November, 2016 地点 Venue: KL Pac, Pentas 1  询问热线 Contact: +6018- 207 1005 
由于之前烟霾问题,舞团决定将11月在KL PAC 举行的《黑白变》

Due to the past haze issue at Malaysia that brought unforeseen circumstances, Dua Space Dance Theatre decided to postpone which was initially planned to stage at KLPAC this coming November towards year 2016.

Thank you for your support and stay tune to our latest updates.

Monday, September 7, 2015

《大树成林 The Tree》by 共享空间专业舞团 Dua Space Dance Theatre

 《 大树成林 The Tree 》
 创意 / 编舞 Concept / Choreography: 马金泉 Anthony Meh / 叶忠文 Aman Yap 日期与时间 Date and Time: 1-4 October 2015 | 8.30pm 地点 Venue: 国家剧院 Istana Budaya JalanTunRazak, 50694 Kuala Lumpur  

切勿错过共享空间首次登上具有世界级水准舞台的大型舞团制作 ——
《大树成林The Tree》,赶快购票吧!

《The Tree》 was inspired by an ancient tree which from the sturdy trunk of a single tree itbranches out - both above and underneath the ground and form a vast piece of woodland. The choreographers Anthony Meh and Aman Yap found that this unique phenomenon areclosely connected tothe nature of arts and cultures rooted deeply and growing steadily on our homeland. The vision of a prosperous land of art was originated and started offfrom a single seed of passion which with the nurture of its' environment, one day it would in turn grow into a forest of new dreams.

Dua Space Dance Theatre's annual production 《The Tree》 World Premiere will be on stage this October 2015. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy our annual production 《The Tree》and grab your tickets now!

- - - - -
Grab your tickets immediately from DSDT to enjoy the special promotion price!

共享优惠票价 Special Promotion Price:
RM30 (Standard) | RM50 (Premium)  * Inclusive of 6% GST and handling fee

购票处 Ticket Outlet:
共享空间专业舞团 Dua Space Dance Theatre 03-80700890 / 018-2072006 / 018-2071005 / 018-2070310

网上购票 Online Ticketing:
www.klidance.com and www.diversecity.my
网址 Websites:
www.facebook.com/duaspace www.duaspace.com.my

Friday, August 21, 2015

《载爱舞出希望》第3站:古晋 Dance of Hope & Love, Show 3: Kuching

《载爱舞出希望》第 3于 18/8/2015 在古晋隆重登场,完美结束。
Dance of Hope & Love, Show 3 at Kuching rounded
off perfectly on 8/8/2015.


Kongsi-kongsi, My Dance Sharing Session, July 2015

Aman Yap and Suhaili Micheline shared their experience at
World Dance Movement, Spain with the dance society via Kongsi-kongsi, My Dance Sharing Session on 26 July 2015, at Bangunan Kwong Tung, Jalan Pudu.

Aman shared his experience with DSDT at
World Dance Movement, Spain to the audiences.

 Suhaili shared her experience at World Dance Movement, Spain.

 Kongsi-kongsi, My Dance Sharing Session, 26 July 2015,
at Bangunan Kwong Tung, Jalan Pudu.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Dua Space Dance Theatre's World Premiere Ticket Promo! 《大树成林The Tree》世界首演开放优惠票价!

共享空间专业舞团年度创作《大树成林The Tree》世界首演即将隆重登场!切勿错过,赶快购票吧!
Dua Space Dance Theatre's annual production 《The Three》 World Premiere is coming on stage! Grab your tickets now!
 1-4 October 2015 | 8.30pm 国家剧院 Istana Budaya 
马金泉Anthony Meh / 叶忠文 Aman Yap

票价 Ticket Price:
原价 Original Price:RM40 (Standard) | RM60 (Premium)  
早鸟优惠票价 Early Bird Promotion (11/8/2015 - 24/8/2015):
RM35 (Standard) | RM55 (Premium) 
* Inclusive of 6% GST and handling fee 

Grab your tickets immediately from DSDT to enjoy the
special promotion price!

共享优惠票价 Special Promotion Price:
RM30 (Standard) | RM50 (Premium)
*存票有限,售完为止。*While stock last.

购票处 Ticket Outlet:
共享空间专业舞团 Dua Space Dance Theatre:
03-80700890 / 018-2072006/ 018-2071005 / 018-2070310

网上购票 Online Ticketing :
www.ticketcharge.com.my / 03-92228811

汇款至 Bank in to:
Dua Space Dance Theatre Public Bank : 3106396623
Remark: To those who book tickets directly from DSDT, kindly send your bank in receipt or screenshot to DSDT's email (dance@duaspace.com.my) or WhatsApp to the above hotlines within 5 days after your booking procedure. Any past due will not be accepted.


DANCE FOR HOPE Thanksgiving Dinner, 2015

Dual Blessing DANCE FOR HOPE
Thanksgiving Dinner,2015

《双福残障自强发展协会“载爱,舞出希望”巡演 2015》 
We're all a part of one world,
We all can share the same dream...
And if you just reach out to me,
Then you will find deep down inside....
I'm just like you.
请您把手给我 您就能发现
在心灵深处 我和您都一样 

Performance Date, Time and Venue

13/8 at 7pm   柔佛 巴殊巴辖 (Batu Pahat, JB)
15/8 at 7pm   柔佛 新山南方大学大礼堂 (Southern University, JB)
18/8 at 7pm   砂朥越 古晋蒙福教会演出厅 (Kuching, Sarawak)
20/8 at 7pm   砂朥越 詩巫 (Sibu, Sarawak)
22/8 at 7pm   吉隆坡中国华小大礼堂 (SRJK© Chung Kwo, Jalan Loke                              Yew, 55200 KL)

Do come and support us!

Video Promo 宣传短片:

Informations 资讯

Contacts 联络 :
Goh Kuan Then – 016-6654322
Daniel Loh – 016-6610473
Dual Blessing Office – 0379831842/43

“勿以善小而不为”, 让我们一起联手为有需要的的朋友们献上祝福 :)


Rehearsal with JOYCE WheelChair Dance Group from Taiwan.

"The Tree" Flash Mob @ Plaza Low Yat | “大树成林”快闪, 2015

Date: 8 August,2015
Venue: Plaza Low Yat

Dua Space Dance Theatre presenting an excerpt of the upcoming world premiere "The Tree" as a pre-show promo.

DSDT's dancers at Flash Mob, Plaza Low Yat.

 An excerpt of "The Tree" by DSDT.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Full-Time Dancer Recruitment

共享空间专业2015 年迈入17 。在新的一舞团大全专业男女培育及聘有兴趣者请联络 018-207 2006 电邮 sammyduaspace@gmail.com

1. 年于18至25岁 

2. 有舞蹈基经验 

3. 有志往舞蹈

Dua Space Dance Theatre enters its 17th year in 2015 and we wish to recruit several full-time professional dancers. If you are interested please contact 018-207 2006 or email to sammyduaspace@gmail.com. 

Recruit dancers conditions are as follows: 
1. Aged between 18 to 25 years old 

2. Need to have a basic dance background and experience 

3. Passionate to make dance as a career.

Dance With Your Heart

 2015 Children and Youth Art Performance Project

19 July 2015 | 2pm, 5pm
KL Pac, Pentas 1 吉隆坡表演艺术中心

共享空间专业   策划 / 主催
共享空蹈学院   主 / 呈献

Promote dance and art education among local children and teenagers by providing them an opportunity to perform on stage and a nurturing environment for their artistic development.

Ticket is available for now.

Kindly contact: 
03-8070 0799 / 012-634 2074 (HQ Puchong Jaya) 
03-8062 7695 / 012-634 0799 (Puteri Branch) 
03-9019 0799 / 010-899 6777 Pink Ballet Studio (Cheras Branch)

A Project by Dua Space Dance Theatre
Organized and Presented by Dua Space Dance Academy

Monday, June 22, 2015

共享舞团舞动西班牙国际舞蹈工作坊《Dua Space Dance Theatre on World Dance Movement, Spain》

JUNE 26 - JULY 1, 2015

Dua Space Dance Theatre is the first local non-governmental full time professional contemporary dance company. ‘Dua Space’ brings the meaning of sharing and interaction. Holding strong onto the company's vision, which is- by nurturing your own artistic style of life, let your fame recognizes our devotion, Managing Director Anthony Meh and Artistic Director Aman Yap vowed to bring their dancers to an eye opener experience at the intenational stage where artists from all over the world gather to exchange ideas and talents..

Dua Space Dance Theatre is sending their dancers to participate in the World Dance Movement - The International Workshop to work and learn with the world-renowned international faculty and a panel of fabulous guest artists, such as Daniel Abreu, Benoit Swan Pouffer and Jennifer Blake, at Sitges, Barcelona, Spain from June 26 to July 1, 2015.

World Dance Movement - The International Workshop is an acclaimed international dance workshop under Tezoro Productions, an international dance production company committed to educating and serving dancers around the globe. It is a study-vacation event hosted across several countries that introduces dancers and educators from all continents to an international faculty of unparalleled talent. Dancers were given an opportunity where they receive one-on-one training and attention in a noncompetitive atmosphere. The curriculum challenges dancers from nearly 25 countries of all levels through a comprehensive study-vacation model.

Dua Space Dance Theatre wish to present their dancers to experience a diverse culture, to let them explore and challenge their very own limits and be inspire by other talents from a different nation. It is the most extraordinary opportunity whereby their dancers could witness and learn a whole new range of techniques and tools which they could infuse these into their choreography and integrated with our local dance scene. After 17 years of hard work and preparation, finally now, it is a mature moment to push local nurtured dancers to meet a higher level of challenge at the international art scene.



今年6月26日至7月1日,西班牙巴塞隆纳的 Tezoro Productions 旗下的国际舞蹈工作坊 (World Dance Movement - The International Workshop) 将重新启动,并号召了来自25个不同国家的舞者同聚一堂,一起在多位著名艺术舞蹈家的课室里接受技艺的训练与舞蹈文化的交流,迸发出汇集多国文化的创作异彩。届时,共享空间专业舞团的舞者不仅能在国际平台上大开眼界、尽收大师们的精湛舞艺,还能带着本国和舞团独有的舞蹈风格与世界的行家较量。 艺术和舞蹈是一种跨越语言和国籍的交流,也唯有踏出自设的框架、破茧出壳,在更多不同源流的艺术熏陶下,艺术家与舞者才能突破自身的极限,创造更多的可能性。


Dua Space Dance Theatre
2B, Jalan Kenari 11,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-80700890
Fax: 603-80700860

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


年度公演季  Annual Production
A stirring performance by two Malaysian outstanding choreographers in May 2015.

Choreographers:  Aman Yap and Suhaili Micheline

Love can be a happy potion in one's life,
Yet a painful thorn that makes one cry.
Some people have found their love;
Some people are still on their quest, searching;
Some people found it but lost it, repeatedly;
Some people even tried to look for more after owning one.
But love can be simple and beautiful,
Yet it can be complicated and disappointing.


演出细则 Performance Details

Date 演出日期
28/05/2015  8.30pm
29/05/2015  8.30pm
30/05/2015  3pm / 8.30pm
31/05/2015  3pm / 8.30pm

KL Pac, Pentas 2 吉隆坡表演艺术中心
RM 100 (VIP) / RM 48 (Adult) / RM 30 (Student / Senior Citizen / Disabled) 

Ticket outlet 购票处
Dua Space 共享空间   018-2072006 / 03-80700890 / 018-2071005 / 018-2070310 
KL Pac   03-40479000
On-line Booking / 网上订票: 

More information / 浏览: