Monday, August 31, 2009

28-08-09 海南伯开张 Launching of Pak Hailam Kopitiam

位于金河广场的海南伯咖啡店开幕了。舞团到场演出《Satu Malaysia》作为开幕舞蹈助兴。当场,著名羽球教练Dato’ Misbun Sidek也受邀为咖啡店开幕。

Pak Hailam Kopitiam in Sg. Wang Plaza was officially launched. Dua Space presented the opening dance “Satu Malaysia” during the launching ceremony. Local famous badminton coach, Dato’ Misbun Sidek was invited to launch the kopitiam.

多元文化的《Satu Malaysia》。
Multi-cultural "Satu Malaysia".

Dato' Misbun Sidek为海南伯咖啡店开幕。
Dato' Miisbun Sidek launched Pak Hailam Kopitiam.

A meal after the performance.

23/08/09 双福《饥饿30》

The annual "30 Hour Famine" was here again! Dua Space sent out "The Dream Exercise Team" to lead the morning exercise session, participated by the participant at Shuang Fu.

After the morning exercise, Anthony Meh gave a talk to all the participant, entitled "Success Begins With Your Decision", sharing on the factors that lead you to success.

Anthony's on the talk.

The participants focused on the talk.

A gift of heart.

A photo with all the participant.

《2009弦月之美》排练花絮 Rehearsal Features for "Crescent Beauty"


Shuang Fu Disabled Independent Living Asociation and Dua Space will be leaving for Taiwan to participate in the theatre performance of "Crescent Beauty - Disabled Talent Show 2009". In order to make the performance perfect, dancers spent the whole August practising and filled the atmosphere of the practising venue at Shuang Fu's activity chamber with a lot of joyful laughters and sweats as well. By witnessing the wheel chair dancers open their hearts to others since they came in contact with dance and the formation of close relationship between dancers made us feel the warmth and affection of life. It is the first time for some of the wheel chair dancers to perform on stage, thus, they are feeling very nervous but yet, excited. Here, I wish that the performanace in Taiwan will be successful.

排练花絮 Rehearsal Features



Saturday, August 22, 2009

16/08/09 2009年全国诗歌朗诵比赛 Sayembara Deklamasi Puisi Merdeka 2009

配合马来西亚独立52周年,国家文化部举办了一年一度的全国诗歌朗诵比赛。舞团在开幕仪式上呈现一支马金泉老师特别编排的舞蹈《Satu Malaysia》,结合了大马多个民族舞蹈的元素,体现出我国多元文化的盛况。参与演出的也包括了Taman Budaya及Temple of Fine Arts的舞者。

In conjuction of Malaysia 52th Independent Celebration, JKKN organized "Sayembara Deklamasi Puisi Merdeka 2009". Dua Space presented an opening dance named "One Malaysia" which was specially choreographed by Anthony Meh, combining various dance element of different races. Dancers from Taman Budaya and Temple of Fine Arts also joined the performance.

Take a picture after all the dancers changed into traditional costumes of different races.

开场舞蹈《Satu Malaysia》。
The performance of the opening dance "One Malaysia".

Waving the flags during the closing ceremony.

双福 Shuang Fu & 共享空间 Dua Space《二00九弦月之美——身障人士才艺大展 Crescent Beauty - Disabled Talent Show 2009》


Shunga Fu Performing Arts Troupe established by Shuang Fu Disabled Independent Living Association was invited to perform in "Crescent Beauty - Disabled Talent Show 2009" in Taiwan. Collaborating with Dua Space, we will perform and tour in Taiwan during the coming September. For further information, please click on the picture below.

(中文/For Chinese)

(英文/For English)

15/08/09 吉隆坡国际摄影展 Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival

由《摄影人》主办的吉隆坡国际摄影展在Mid Valley举行。舞团被邀请于开幕仪式呈现舞蹈《卧看千山》。同台演出的也包括了“手集团”。
Kuala Lumpur Photgraphy Festival 2009, organized by Photo Creator, was held in Mid Valley. Dua Space performed "The Phrase of Life" as one of the program of the opening ceremony. Hands Percussion Team also performed in the opening ceremony.

Full house! Can only take picture in between of heads!

Nice postcards distributed during the festival.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

13 ~ 15/08/09 《舞动天真》第8届全丹舞蹈观摩会的评审 Judging the 8th Kelantan Dance Competition


Anthony, Aman and Kent were being invited to become the judges of the 8th Kelantan Dance Competition, organized by the Alumni Association of Chung Cheng Kelantan. The competition was held in 14th August in SMJK Chung Cheng and separated into Kindergarten Category and Primary School Category,opened for all kindergarten and primary school in Kelantan.
During the trip, they paid a visit to the artists making gasing and wau as well.

(From the left) Aman, Anthony and Kent as judges.

Visited the artist making gasing.

Wau Bulan!

Wau for sale.

Wau with batik.

10-08-09 《大马薪传 Anak Malaysia》庆功宴 The Appreciation Dinner


The appreciation dinner of was held in Pak Hailam Kopitiam in Sg. Plaza. The dinner was to reward all the dancers, singers, and everyone that make the performance of successful. Thanks to the boss of Pak Hailam for making this reunion for everyone to gather after the performance. And for sure... We won't miss out out favarite... The delicious food!

08-08-09 剧艺研究会 The Dramatic Art Society


Dua Space was invited to attend the sharing of Dramatic Art Society this year to share on the ups and downs of working in local arts industry. Most of the attending parties were local theatre and drama society. Dua Space was the only dance group invited. Anthony Meh shared the development of Dua Space Dance Theatre and the future plan with everyone.

Attending guests or representatives and the committee of The Dramatic Art Soceity.

Sharing of Anthony Meh from Dua Space Dance Theatre.

Posters of their performances.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

陈峣键晋升为排练助理 Tan Yau Kent Promoted As Rehearsal Master

Our senior dancer, Tan Yau Kent is promoted to the position of Rehearsal Master. For further information, please click on the picture to enlarge it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

02-08-09 马金泉受邀成为“Short + Sweet”评审 Anthony Meh Judges "Short + Sweet"

源自澳洲的"Short + Sweet"今年第二次在马来西亚举行,于7月22日至8月16日假KL Pac举行。去年原本只有戏剧部分的比赛,今年也添加了舞蹈的项目。舞蹈比赛从7月22日开始,经过两个星期的预赛,终于在8月2日来到了总决赛,马金泉老师有幸被邀请成为总决赛的评审之一。

"Short + Sweet" originated from Australia was held in Malaysia for the second time at KL Pac from 22th July to 16th August. Previously, this competition was only for theatre and this year, it included dance competition as well. The dance competition started from 22th July and after two weeks of preliminary competition, it came to the Gala Night of the competition where all the finalists have to present their choreographies. Anthony Meh was being invited to become one of the judges of the final of the competition.
This competition opens to local young choreographers, encouraging and providing a chance for them to bring their pieces to the eyes of the audience.

Photographes of all the judges.

Some displays of the competition in the lobby.

28 ~ 31-07-09 马来西亚全国舞蹈节Festival Tari Malaysia 2009

国家文化部于28~31-07-09举办了两年一度的马来西亚全国舞蹈节。舞团创办人兼总监——马金泉被邀请成为评审之一。评审阵容也包括本地著名编舞家Suhaimi@Suhaimi b. Magi、著名音乐家Datuk Suhaimi Mohd Zain (Pak Ngah)、名导演Hamzah Tahir及著名印度编舞家Vijay A/L Jayanevan Nair。这是一个全国各州属文化舞蹈团参与的舞蹈比赛,主要是以发扬本土传统舞蹈文化及从传统出发迈向创意及创新为宗旨的赛事。

National Arts and Cultural Department(JKKN) hold the biennial Festival Tari from 28th to 31st 2009. The founder of Dua Space, Anthony Meh was invited to become one of the judges for this dance competition. The judges panel included local famous choreographer Suhaimi@Suhaimi b. Magi, music composor Datuk Suhaimi Mohd Zain (Pak Ngah), director Hamzah Tahir and Indian choreographer Vijay A/L Jayanevan Nair. Festival Tari is a national dance competition participated by the dance cultural bodies of all states and mainly focuses on developing local traditional dance cultures and diverting traditional dances into the creative and innovative pieces.

Photograph of all the judges.

Pak Ngah (左Left) & Hamzah Tahir (右Right)

Vijay (左Left), 马金泉Anthony Meh (中Middle) & Suhaimi(右Right)


Dua Space was also invited as the performing guest during 29th July. Due to the overwhelming response of the audience, we were being invited to perform again during the result announcing ceremony. On the same night, our artistic director, Aman Yap was selected as the Best Chinese Male Dancer and collaborated with Malay and Indian outstanding dancers, performing a dance piece of Anthony Meh, "Fusion".

Take a photo before the performance.

Performance of Dua Space.