Wednesday, January 31, 2018


As Chinese New Year is just around the corner, we are honoured to be commisioned by The Gardens for the 7th subsequent year to choreograph and present a dance that is synchronised with its decorative theme. This year, back to the nostalgia of the good old time of Shanghai.
Choreographer Anthony Meh created "In The Mood of Shanghai", a mini dance drama depicting a love story that praises the freedom of love to bless everyone with a beloved and happy year ahead.
We are glad to share our dance with everyone through this public performance project which we collaborate with The Gardens to bring arts into the community, especially in conjunction with festive celebration and this means a lot to us as we are celebrating Dua Space Dance Theatre's 20th anniversary this year.

Come join us at The Gardens to share a moment of wonderful pre-festive gathering! See you there, in the mood of Shanghai!


The Gardens 2018 CNY Public Dance Performance
31 Jan - 6 pm
1 Feb - 1pm
2 Feb - 5 pm
4 Feb - 1pm
10 Feb - 1pm
11 Feb - 1pm & 5 pm
At the Concourse of Robinson Entrance, The Gardens

Dua Space & Productions 2018 | XING

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